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A new addition to the shop!

For years and years we have been struggling to find high quality scales at an affordable price and match our environmental values.

Although most of the one's we found were pretty, they were often made from tropical, endangered species, not professionally stabilized or just ridiculously expensive.

All of these factors just made buying one offs from different makers super unsustainable for our business.

So - fast forward to today!

With some help of a good friend, we were able to invest into a full stabilizing set up. Aaron spent hours and hours over New Years perfecting the process of stabilizing wood. And it paid off!

This stabilizing set up gives us the freedom to transform close to any piece of wood into great handle material. Stabilizing wood is the process of soaking dried wood in resin in a vacuum chamber - which allows the wood to adapt properties similar to plastic.  This enables us to utilize sustainably sourced, local woods and pieces collected around town, minimizing our carbon footprint. Check out the handles below, they are made from figured maple or spalted pecan that we collected in a friends backyard in East Austin and stabilized ourselves!

Some of these knives will go live on the website as a special edition soon - stay tuned!

Lotti and Aaron

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