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On Fire!

We love social media. Otherwise we probably wouldn't have heard about Fork and Flame, an event at one of our favorite urban farms, Eden East Farm.

Lotti used to work for Juniper, an upscale Italian restaurant. While she was there she worked under Executive Chef Amanda Turner, who - guess what - was competing at Fork and Flame.

Eden East is a sustainable urban farm and Dish n' Dames, the organizer of the event, is a non profit on a mission is to help empower and celebrate influential women in the food and hospitality industry by promoting and highlighting their journeys and successes.

Our missions really aligned so we decided to reach out and offer two 6.5" chef knives as the prizes for the winners.

January 16th, the night of the event it was drizzling rain and it was definitely chilly. But if you're in for a night of fire-roasted bites from some of Texas' top chefs - with craft cocktails, brews, and great tunes - some rain can't stop the fun.

After hours of ridiculously tasty plates, Team #1 won: Chef Sarah Grumman of Rosalie and Chef Sarah McIntosh of the Epicerie. As you can see, they were pretty stoked about their new knives.

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