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We are moving! Well, soon...

2019 went out with a bang as we purchased a big ol' plot of land in West Austin.

This is our future home, Amelio's headquarters, workshop, studio and permaculture forest.

As you can see below, we have a lot of work to do. The 2.7 acres are currently covered with a whole lot of dead Cedar trees and tons of brambles - good thing we got a chainsaw for Christmas.

We keep finding so many treasures!

If it's a cute little birds nest, an ancient fossil we dug out by the creek or a heart tree, all these awesome finds make us so excited about all the life that's going on here. And there is still so much to discover!

We are hard at work sketching floor plans and finding the right people to help us - Architects, Builders and experts who know how to make a house super sustainable.

We want this to be as close to a NetZero home as possible. We are talking earth sheltered construction, solar panels, heat pump, etc. There is a lot to be figured out - but we couldn't be more excited to start this project.

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